C&D Recycling Program

Every C&D Technologies battery comes with a lifetime recycling policy

Some companies claim to relieve you of the entire burden regarding lead-acid battery disposal and recycling, but under current law, no person or company involved can escape “cradle to grave” responsibility. The C&D Lead Acid Battery Collection and Recycling Program provides you with an environmentally safe, convenient and low-cost recycling option.

  1. Lead-acid batteries picked up at your location and dependent on volume, taken directly to an EPA certified lead recycling partners.
  2. No scrap dealers involved.
  3. Partial truck load arrangements are possible
  4. Fewer waste streams at the smelter means less potential for future liability
  5. A certificate of recycling is available upon request
  6. All recyclable battery components including lead, plastics and acid are recycled.
  7. C&D is independent of the smelter operations and makes critical assessments of environmental compliance through our internal audit program.
  8. C&D’s recycling partners have a RCRA Part B permit and are open to customer inspections/audits upon request.
  9. C&D’s recycling partners are located nationwide