The Birth of a Powerful Idea

In 1906, two high school seniors, Frank Carlile and Leon Doughty, envisioned a future where the new technology of electricity would power the nation into a new century. They stunned their teachers when they successfully bid on and won the contract to electrify their own school.

Carlile and Doughty followed this first success by recognizing the opportunities emerging in the nascent automotive industry. Their company, C&D, began producing automotive batteries.

C&D met the challenges of the Second World War by developing industrial batteries. Following the war, C&D expanded into battery systems for the burgeoning communications industry. Ultimately, more than anything else, Carlile and Doughty’s legacy was to instruct subsequent generations to recognize and seize opportunity.

Core products and leadership in the communications market were enhanced over the years through work with Bell Laboratories and through strong ties with several major original equipment manufacturers.

Today, we continue to focus on the industrial power systems market with state-of-the-art manufacturing, engineering, and research facilities across the country.

For more than 100 years, C&D TECHNOLOGIES has fulfilled the vision of its founders by designing and manufacturing the finest integrated Standby power products. We stand proudly behind our products and our people. We continue to meet the technological challenges of the future. C&D TECHNOLOGIES creates powerful solutions for a world in motion. We can create solutions for you.