• Type:

    VRLA Gel

  • BBG
  • Run Time:

    180 - 220 Runtime Minutes

  • c&d Technologies Battery
  • Design Life:

    10 Years

  • cd Technologies Battery
  • Operating Environment:

    Outdoor Controlled
    Outdoor Uncontrolled

Refer to product data sheet for more information.

Features & Benefits

  • 12-volt monobloc
  • Gelled electrolyte for superior thermal management – Up to a 5+ year service life
  • BBG Gel Technology extends battery life with superior heat-transfer capability, and has a proven float-life expectancy in extreme temperature environments.
  • Up to 220 runtime minutes
  • Operating temperature range: Discharge : -40°F to 160°F; Charge: -10°F to 140°F (with temperature compensation)
  • Separators used in the BBG series are made of polyethylene which aids in maintaining low float current when operating in elevated temperatures use of permeability plastics and a balanced cell in our BBG batteries signifcantly help reduce water loss, which contribute to long life at high temperatures and prevent dryout.
  • Flame-arresting one-way pressure-relief vent for safety and long life.
  • Advanced lead alloys designed to minimize positive grid corrosion and increase service life.
  • Proprietary grain refiners extend life
  • Centered lug for improved performance
  • Large grid wires improve life
  • Removable carrying handles

Proprietary / Advanced Technologies

  1. Removable carrying handles


  1. UL1989 Compliant
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  • 06.

    Reverse Power Systems

  • 07.

    Traffic Management

  • 08.

    Industrial UPS